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casa dharma



welcome to casa dharma. a place where we make you feel at home, giving you the best relaxing and energetic healing service


tarot reading

therapeutic tarot session, where we will discuss your current situation, your life path and soul path.

duration 45min/ 1 hour

cost 85$ +tax


holistic session 

this is a 1 hour session. 

that includes back, neck, shoulders and head massage. as well as a full reiki session and sound therapy with crystal bowls.

cost 95+tax


abhyanga massage

this is a form of Ayurvedic therapy that involves a massage of the entire body, from head to toe with dosa specific, warm herb infused oil.

duration: 1 hour

cost 111$+ tax


holistic udvarthana massage 

this is a therapeutic massage where a special herbal paste is prepared to massage the body, the is a lymphatic drain massage use for its detoxifying purposes. 

this session includes a full reiki and sound therapy treatment

duration: 1:30 min

cost: 155$+tax


cupping massage session

cupping is an ancient therapy in which special cups are places on the body in order to create a suction. with the purpose of alleviate pain,  inflammation and improve blood flow 

duration:1 hour

cost: 133$+ tax


past life reading

this is a 1 hour session where we open your akashic records. this is done by the technique of chiromancy, with the purpose of braking past life karma and healing your present life.

cost: 111$+ tax

Satisfaction Guarantee

please book by phone or email.

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